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Edinburgh Festival

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Beautiful and romantic Edinburgh appears to have been destined to be a superb setting for a great annual international artistic festival. After World War II, within the very short space of a decade, the Festival (the Edinburgh International Festival of Music and Drama) has risen to be a cultural event of the first magnitude in the life of Britain.

When this city becomes the Festival City for three weeks in late August and September, it lures to itself more than 100,000 music and drama lovers from all parts of the world and during these three weeks Edinburgh is host of the world. The Festival programmes embrace music, opera, ballet, drama, films, Highland dancing and piping a Scottish military tattoo at Edinburgh Castle.

The Festival is inaugurated with a ceremonial procession led by the Lord Provost of Edinburgh to St Giles Cathedral for a service of musical splendour. Hundred of artists of international reputation from all parts the world are invited to the Festival to ensure the highest degree of technical and artistic excellence throughout it.

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