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Cambridge – one of the best known towns in the world

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Cambridge is one of the best known towns in the world and it can be found on most tourists’ lists of places to visit. Cambridge is famous for its university, which started during the 13th century and grew steadily, until today there are more than twenty colleges.

The oldest one is Peterhouse, which was founded in 1284. And the most recent is Robinson College, which was opened in 1977. But the most famous is King’s College, because of its magnificent chapel. Its choir of boys and undergraduates is well known all over the world.

The Universities were only for men until 19th century when the first women’s college was opened. Later the doors of colleges were opened to both men and women. Nowadays almost all the colleges are mixed.

To the north of Cambridge is the Cambridge Science Park, the modern face of the University. This park has developed in response to the need for universities to increase their contact with high technology industry. It is now home to more than sixty companies and research institutes.

The whole area is in fact very attractively designed, with a lot of space between each building. The planners thought that it was important for people to have a pleasant, park like environment in which to work.

Every year thousands of students come to Cambridge from overseas to study English.

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