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The Roman Invasion

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In the middle of the first century BC Julius Caesar landed the British Isles. On the 26th of August, 55 BC some 10.000 men and 500 cavalry landed somewhere between Dover and Deal. The highly efficient Roman army had little difficulty in routing the local Celtic chieftains. Caesar carefully noted the way they fought and […]

The Roman Conquest and Occupation

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 It was the close relations of Britain to Gaul which first attracted the notice of the Romans. Julius Caesar was the first to carry the Roman banner to the British Isles. The Greeks called the island ‘Albion’, and the Romans said that this meant ‘whiteland’, because the first view for most visitors was the white […]

Roman Britain in Roman Empire

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ROMAN BRITAIN In  the  1st  century  В.  C.  when  the  inhabitants  of  the  British  Isles  were  still  living  under  the  primitive  communal  system,  the  Roman  Empire  became  the  strongest  slave-owning  state  in  the Mediterranean. It  was  the  last  and  greatest  of  the  civilizations  of  the  ancient  world.  The  Romans  ruled  all  of  the  civilized  world  and  in  […]

The Roman Conquest of Britain

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One  of  the  last  countries  to  be  conquered  by  Rome  was France,  or  Gaul  as  it  was  then  called.  The  war  against  the  Gauls,  who  were  Celtic  tribes,  lasted  for  eight  years.  Julius  Caesar  was  appointed  Head  of  the  Roman  army  which  was  sent  to  conquer Gaul.  In  the  course  of  his  campaigns  Caesar  reached  the  Channel  […]

Roman Influence in Britain

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As  a  result  of  the  conquest  signs  of  Roman  civilization  spread  over Britain.  There  had  been  no  towns  in  Britain  j  before  the  Romans  conquered  it.  The  civilized  Romans  were  j  city  dwellers,  and  as  soon  as  they  had  conquered  Britain  they  began  to  build  towns,  splendid  villas,  public  baths  as  in  Rome  itself. York, Gloucester,  Lincoln  and  […]

The Fall of the Roman Empire

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The  Romans  remained  in  Britain  for  about  four  centu­ries  and  during  that  time  Britain  was  a  Roman  province  governed  by  Roman  governors  and  protected  by  Roman  legions.

Traces of the Roman Rule in Britain

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There  are  today  many  things  in  Britain  to  remind  the  people  of  the  Romans.  The  wells  which  the  Romans  dug  give  water  to­day,  and  the  chief  Roman  roads  are  still  among  the  highways  of  Modern  England. Watling  Street  still  runs  from London  to Ches­ter.  Long  stretches  of  Hadrian’s  Wall,  the  ruins  of  public  baths  and  […]


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Britainwas a Roman province from the first century A. D. until the beginning of the fifth century A. D. The area occupied covered south, east and midland Britain and stretched north to the lowlands of Scotland, west over the whole of Wales, but did not include Devon and Cornwall. Most of the evidence for reconstructing […]


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While Roman soldiers were defending the outposts of the Empire against Piets and Saxons, a kind of provincial Roman life was developing in lowlandBritain. Various kinds of towns existed in Britain under the Roman occupation. There were four colonies or towns for time-expired soldiers: Colchester,York, where a colony and a fort grew up side by […]