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The Wars of the Roses, the Development of Absolutism in the 15th Century

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The 15th century was an age of violent contrasts. This age is marked with two parallel processes going in full swing. While feudal relations and the feudal mode of production were decaying, bourgeois relations and the bourgeois mode of production were developing rapidly. These changes were fully characteristic of all spheres of life. Thus the […]


Category: 15th century

King  Henry  the  Seventh  did  not  turn  out  to  be  as  fine  a  fellow  as  the  nobility  and  people  hoped,  in  the  first  joy  of  their  deliverance  from  Richard  the  Third.  He  was  very  cold,  crafty,  and  calculating,  and  would  do  almost  anything  for  money.  He  possessed  considerable  aoility,  but  his  chief  merit  appears  to  […]