The History of England

from Celts through 20th century

Henry Hudson

Category: Short stories

About three hundred years ago a brave sailor lived in Great Britain. His name was Henry Hudson. He was not afraid of anything. Many times he sailed in a small ship far off the coast of England. He dreamt of crossing the Arctic Ocean. Three times he tried to do so and each time he returned home and told his friends wonderful stories of difficulties he had to go through. Though he had a very small crew, all the three voyages were quite successful.

The fourth time Henry Hudson left England in a small boat called “The Discovery”. It was a very dangerous voyage. The sea was not calm. The crew consisted of a few men. They had to go through many difficulties before they reached an unknown river and a bay. The river and the bay were named after Henry Hudson.

Soon winter came and troubles began. They were hungry and thirsty as they had very little food and fresh water. The bay and the river were covered with ice. They could not get out. The men decided that Henry Hudson was to blame., so they wanted to punish him. They placed Henry Hudson, his little son and those few who were faithful to him in a small boat and let it sail off in an icy sea. The poor people had neither food nor water. They had nobody who could help them. Nobody had ever heard of the little boat and its crew.

The brave discoverer died tragically in the bay he himself discovered.

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