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They followed his advice

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The name of George Bernard Shaw, the famous English playwright, is very popular both in Great Britain and in many other countries. His plays are often staged in various countries. The Soviet theatergoers know B.Shaw very well. His plays are always a great success.

B.Shaw is also famous for his gift of wit. There are many stories about B.Shaw in which his gift of wit is demonstrated.

B.Shaw was also brave and honest. He was never afraid to tell the truth. Here is a story illustrating it:

Once B.Shaw was invited to a party. When he arrived he saw many famous people among the guests. There were many scientists, composers, writers and public figures.

The guests were treated to a very delicious dinner. They talked a lot. Some of them tried to’ make speeches. The only person who kept silent was B.Shaw. He listened to all those present but he didn’t say a word.

Everybody knew that B.Shaw was very good at making short and witty speeches. Therefore he was asked to say something. He agreed to make a speech and stood up. The guests stopped talking and looked at the famous playwright. He said that among all those present he knew at least twenty well-known men who were corrupt. He added that he could prove it.

Many of the guests expressed their protest and left the party. B.Shaw sent a letter to each of the twenty men. All the letters were alike:

“Everything has come out. Get away quickly”. They received the letters and followed B.Shaw’s advice.

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