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The Norman Invasion

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Englandwas submitted to a Danish King Conute in 1016 and became a part of the Great Danish Empire which included Denmark and Norway. After the Danish invasion King Edward I (the Confessor) was restored to the throne. Previously he was brought up to Normandy during the years of Danish rule and came to England with […]

The Viking Invasion

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The Vikings terrified the Anglo-Saxons as much as they themselves had terrified the Britons centuries before. They were people from Scandinavia whose life was working the land and fishing and who went on to attack and later settle in Britain. Each year bands of Vikings put out to sea , seeking out richer lands, bringing […]

The Anglo-Saxon Invasion

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The beginning of the Anglo-Saxon invasion was in the 5th century when the Teutonic tribes started enslaving England. Their names were the Angles, the Saxons and the Jutes. At that time Celtic countries were a centre of light, especially Ireland where its monks and saints, when not fighting, were involved in treasuring the knowledge of […]

Early Britain brief history

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by Fiona Beddall Invaders It was 1066, and Edward, King of England, was dead. He had no children. The most important people in the country met to Saxon kings: of England to choose a new king. They chose Harold. Harold wasn’t a blood relative of King Edward, but he was the Queen’s brother. He was […]

Fleet Street

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There is nothing else on earth quite like Fleet Street. This thoroughfare, which runs like a crooked spine through east central London has been the home of the British press for 300 years. Here are published almost all of Britain’s national newspapers. Here also are the headquarters of many magazines, foreign and provincial press bureaus, […]

The Established Church of England

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The Church of England as established by Henry VIII was never a popular church. In 1649, after the English Revolution, it had become so hated that the victorious bourgeoisie deprived it of its privileges and suppressed the bishops. This new religious freedom enabled all kinds of Puritan congregations to flourish, whose politics tended to be […]

Cambridge – one of the best known towns in the world

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Cambridge is one of the best known towns in the world and it can be found on most tourists’ lists of places to visit. Cambridge is famous for its university, which started during the 13th century and grew steadily, until today there are more than twenty colleges. The oldest one is Peterhouse, which was founded […]

A Brief History of Oxford city

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Oxford was founded in the 9th century when Alfred the Great created a network of fortified towns called burhs across his kingdom. One of them was at Oxford. Oxford is first mentioned in 911 in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. According to legend, Oxford University was founded in 872 when Alfred the Great happened to meet some […]

A Brief History of Cambridge

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Cambridge was founded in 875 when the Danes conquered Eastern England. They created a fortified town called a burgh, from which the word borough derives. Cambridge was surrounded by a ditch and an earth rampart with a wooden palisade on top. However in 1010 Cambridge was burned by the Danes. That was an easy task […]