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The Educational System of the UK

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Each part of the UK has its own educational system. In general, there are three stages in the UK state educational system. – Primary education includes pre-schooling (a nursery school playground or a kindergarten under 5 years) and a primary school: infant classes (5-7 years) and junior classes (7-11 years). – Secondary education is compulsory […]

Primary Schools in East End

Category: Educational System

“These kids have lost before they even begin,’’ was a sentiment expressed by a primary school teacher in Stoke Newington, a working-class area on the border of London’s East End. Poverty and lack of education are the root causes of distress in this area. Single parent families abound, emotional and financial difficulties combining to drive […]

Public Schools in Great Britain

Category: Educational System

For the moment let us leave aside the moral aspect of giving separate education to those who pay for it and look at a report on the public schools written by a sociologist who himself went to a public school. says John W., Lecturer in Sociology at University College, Cardiff: “The public schools attract the […]


Category: Educational System

For seven hundred years two universities dominated British education, and today they dominate more than ever, with a fame enhanced by their isolation, and their, sheer hypnotic beauty. Like Dukes, Oxford and Cambridge preserve an antique way of life in the midst of the twentieth century. Oxford and Cambridge have always provided a large number […]

The British system of education

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The British system of education has a very long history, but in the past few years there have been many changes in it. British education was traditionally decentralized, but now the Education Reform Act has led to a compulsory National Curriculum for pupils aged five to sixteen in state schools. The Act also aims to […]

Education in Great Britain – compulsory and compulsory secondary education

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Twelve million children attend about 40.000 schools in Britain. Education in Great Britain is compulsory and free for all children between the ages of 5 and 16. There are many children who attend a nursery school from the age of 3, but it is not compulsory. In nursery schools they learn some elementary things such […]

Education in Great Britain: School

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In Britain it is compulsory for everyone between the ages of 5 and 16 years to receive some officially recognized form of schooling, though most secondary schools continue to provide education until the age of 18. The vast majority of pupils attend state schools, which are absolutely free (including all text books and exercise books), […]

Higher Education in Great Britain

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For seven hundred years Oxford and Cambridge universities dominated the British education. Scotland had four universities, all founded before A. D. 1600. Wales only acquired a university in the 20th century; it consisted of four university colleges located in different cities (Cardiff, Swansea, Bangor, and Aberystwith). The first English university after Oxford and Cambridge (sometimes […]

Schools in Great Britain

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State  schools  are  free  in  Great  Britain,  and  attendance  is  compul­sory.  Morning  school  begins  at  nine  o’clock  and  lasts  for  three  hours,  until  twelve  o’clock  noon.  Afternoon  school  begins  at  two  o’clock  and  lasts  for  two  and  a  half  hours  until  half-past  four.  School  is  open  five  days  a  week.  On  Saturdays  and  Sundays  there  […]


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My  coming  to Cambridge  has  been  an  unusual  experience.  From  whatever  country  one  comes  as  a  student  one  cannot  escape  the  influence  of  the  Cambridge  traditions  —  and  they  go  back  so  far!  Here,  perhaps,  more  than  anywhere  else,  I  have  felt  at  one  and  the  same  time  the  Past,  the  Present  and  even  the  Future.  […]

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