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The men who began practicing blood transfusion

Category: Short stories

Blood transfusion means the passing of blood into the body of a person (or an animal) from an outside source, perhaps from the body of another person or an animal. This is now done with good results every day. Blood transfusion is now part of the regular practice of doctors, and it has saved many […]

Utopian socialism

Category: Short stories

In 1516 an outstanding English humanist Thomas More published in Latin a small book, called Utopia. It described an imaginary island, Utopia by name, the inhabitants of which had organized a kind of community life, rejected gold and all private property and where everyone had to work. Thus, at the very beginning of the capitalist […]

Scientists and Inventors of the past. Achievements of the 19th century

Category: Short stories

In various places of the world archaeologists find the traces of life of our distant ancestors—household articles and instruments of production. By these finds we learn how man, in the process of labour, created various tools and then perfected them. Throughout the whole history of the development of human society men always created new in­struments […]

The first night performance

Category: Short stories

Bernard Shaw, the famous playwright, enjoyed popularity all over the world. His plays were staged not only in Great Britain, but in many other countries too. They have been translated into many languages and in the Soviet Union Shaw’s plays are staged in many cities and towns.

Henry Hudson

Category: Short stories

About three hundred years ago a brave sailor lived in Great Britain. His name was Henry Hudson. He was not afraid of anything. Many times he sailed in a small ship far off the coast of England. He dreamt of crossing the Arctic Ocean. Three times he tried to do so and each time he […]

A lover of music

Category: Short stories

A very young girl who was fond of playing the piano found out that among the guests who were invited to dinner would be a young critic whose name was Bernard Shaw. She had never met him before. At that time B.Shaw was not a famous writer yet. She learnt that he liked music and […]

They followed his advice

Category: Short stories

The name of George Bernard Shaw, the famous English playwright, is very popular both in Great Britain and in many other countries. His plays are often staged in various countries. The Soviet theatergoers know B.Shaw very well. His plays are always a great success.

A story that made Daniel Defoe famous

Category: Short stories

Daniel Defoe, the great English writer, lived a full and interesting life. He travelled, tried many professions and wrote many books and pamphlets.

A story about Joseph Turner

Category: Short stories

Joseph Turner lived in the 19th century. He was a famous English painter. His paintings were a great success. He was fond of dogs. One day his dog which he loved very much broke a leg.

What his life was worth

Category: Short stories

Robert Burns, the great Scottish poet, loved common people and wrote for them. Though he had little formal education, he was well-read and talented. He began to be recognized as a poet when his first poems were published in 1786. He was known as a very witty man.

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