The History of England

from Celts through 20th century

Periods of British history

This chart covers the most important periods of British history. It shows the chief inhabitants or invaders of England until the Middle Ages, then the royal houses of England (until 1603) and of Britain (af­ter 1603).

The Celts

900 B.C.—55 B.C.

The Romans

55 В. C.—450 A. D.

The Anglo-Saxons


The Viking Invaders

8th—11th centuries

The Normans

1066—1154 William the Conqueror (1066—1087)

The Plantagenets

1154—1399 Henry II (1154—1189) Edward I (1272—1307)

The Houses of York and Lancaster


The Tudors

1485—1603 Henry VII (1485—1509) Henry VIII (1509—1547) Mary I (“Bloody Mary”) (1553—1558) Elizabeth I (1558- 1603)

The Stuarts The Civil War

1603—1649 James I (1603—1625) 1628—1649 Charles I (1625—1649)

The Republic

1649—1660 Oliver Cromwell (1649—1660)

The Stuarts

1660—1714 William III and Mary II (1689—1702)

The Hanoverians

1714—1901 George I, II, III, IV (1714—1830) (‘Georgian’ period)Victoria(1837—1901) (‘Victorian’ period)

The House of Saxe-Coburg

1901—1910 Edward VII (1901—1910) (‘Edwardian’ period)

The House of Windsor

1910 Elizabeth II (1952)