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A story that made Daniel Defoe famous

Category: Short stories

Daniel Defoe, the great English writer, lived a full and interesting life. He travelled, tried many professions and wrote many books and pamphlets.

A story about Joseph Turner

Category: Short stories

Joseph Turner lived in the 19th century. He was a famous English painter. His paintings were a great success. He was fond of dogs. One day his dog which he loved very much broke a leg.

What his life was worth

Category: Short stories

Robert Burns, the great Scottish poet, loved common people and wrote for them. Though he had little formal education, he was well-read and talented. He began to be recognized as a poet when his first poems were published in 1786. He was known as a very witty man.


Category: Short stories

Many years ago tea was unknown in European countries. Many people didn’t even know the word tea, though drinking tea was very popular in the East. Once a young sailor came back from India. He was the only son of an old woman and every time he returned to Great Britain from a far-away country […]