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Patron Saints

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The patron saints of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland are to be seen in large mosaics displayed over the four doorways leading out of the Central Lobby in the Houses of Parliament.

The mosaic panel over the south door, represents St George, the patron saint of England and of the Order of the Garter, with the dragon at his feet; on his right is a figure symbolising Fortitude, carrying St George’s banner in her left hand and a club in her right hand; on his left is a figure symbolising Purity, bearing St George’s helmet anda bunch of white lilies.

The panel over the north door, representing St David, shows the saint carrying the Bishop’s cross, with the dove alighting on his shoulder and two angels as supporters, one carrying the harp and the other a lamp, symbolising Harmony and Light.

The panel over the east door depicts St Andrew, the fisherman, standing in the centre, holding his staff and net, with the diagonal cross* behind him. St Margaret, Queen of Scotland, on his left, carries the Bible and a black cross. On his right stands St Mungo with Bishop’s mitre and crozier, and at his feet a salmon with a ring in its mouth.

The panel over the west door represents St Patrick, standing with clasped hands, clad in the robes of a Bishop, with the Rock of Cashel* behind him, on which is engraved the word “Omba’’, the Erse* name for Ireland, and the shamrock at his feet. On his right is St Columba, representing the North of Ireland, with a shield at his feet, on which is the Red Hand of Ulster; on his left isSt Bridget with the Irish Harp at her feet.

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