The History of England

from Celts through 20th century

A lover of music

Category: Short stories

A very young girl who was fond of playing the piano found out that among the guests who were invited to dinner would be a young critic whose name was Bernard Shaw. She had never met him before. At that time B.Shaw was not a famous writer yet. She learnt that he liked music and she decided to please him. It took her a lot of time to choose something very beautiful which the young critic might like. At last she made up her mind. She believed he would like it.

Almost all the guests arrived and the young girl was playing the piano when a young man entered the sitting-room. He greeted the host and the hostess and then he was introduced to all the guests as Bernard Show.

The girl looked at him with admiration. She continued to play the piano. B.Shaw did not pay attention to the young girl and started talking with one of the guests. The young girl felt embarrassed. She wanted to attract B.Shaw’s attention. She didn’t know how to do it. She turned round to him and said loudly: “Excuse me, I’ve heard that you are fond of music”.

“I am”, answered B.Shaw, “but never mind! Go on playing!”

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