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The first night performance

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Bernard Shaw, the famous playwright, enjoyed popularity all over the world. His plays were staged not only in Great Britain, but in many other countries too. They have been translated into many languages and in the Soviet Union Shaw’s plays are staged in many cities and towns.

The most famous play “Pygmalion” has been screened.

Bernard Shaw was a very witty man and he was never afraid to subject himself to criticism. Here is a story which proves it.

It was the first night performance of B.Shaw’s play “Arms and4he Man”. The house was full and B.Shaw attended the performance too. He sat in the box watching the people in the house.

The play was warmly received by the audience. The scenery was beautiful and the actors played very well. There were many curtain calls arid a lot of flowers.

It was clear the play was a success.

Suddenly B.Shaw noticed a young man in the gallery. The man tried to express his feelings. He kept whistling. He wanted to show that he did not like the play.

The face of the young man was not familiar to B.Shaw. The playwright wanted to show the young man that he had seen him. When the performance was over the audience demanded that the author of the play should appear on the stage. Bernard Shaw went to the stage very slowly, waited until the applause had died out, raised his eyes and looked at the young critic in the gallery. Then he said:

“I quite agree with you, sir, but what can we two do against all these people?” With these words he left the stage.

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